Help me find my father !

Any information please

By Michelle Skeet

I am looking for my birth father and am appealing for any information you may have from over forty years ago.
I believe he was early twenties ,his name was Tony but I have no last name ,and he was from Cyprus/Greece and came to work for the summer of '67 in the cafe at the bottom of the tower on the seafront ,it was to the right as you walked in. He was staying in accomodation with fellow young men who all came to work for the summer of that year and struck up a relationship with my mother who was only fifteen at the time and lived in a childrens home on St.Nicholas Road but he would have travelled up to Mundesley on a regular basis to see her while she worked . Her name was Margaret/Maggie . All I know is that he knew she was pregnant but did not hang around to see whether she had the baby and upon social services turning up at the accomodation he shared with his fellow countrymen had already left the country. I was born the following June and now have a daughter myself and together we would like to know more of my origins. Please can anyone help with this vague information which is all I have .

This page was added by Michelle Skeet on 21/10/2011.
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Hi I am the Mother of Michelle Skeet, and I like to say that i was working at Holt and not Mundesley at the time, but I went back to St Nicholas road Home for Holidays and I use to meet my Dad as he worked at the same place as Tony and thats how I met him (Tony)..

By Margaret Skeet
On 24/05/2013

Hey I might know who it is

By sarah k
On 29/04/2016

sarah k 

Please email me

By michelle skeet
On 29/11/2018

Some time has elapsed since the original "find my father" request was posted by Michelle Skeet. Noticed that her mother (Margaret Skeet) posted a comment .I wondered if there was a happy ending to this story?

By Ashley Crisp
On 09/02/2024

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