Faraday-Drake Family History

Request for Information

By Colin Stott

Hi, I am amazed by all of the stories about old Great Yarmouth.

I have been wanting and trying to find out about my family history as my dad has very little information or chooses to not talk about it.

 All I know is my Grandad was Charles Faraday-Drake (Charles Drake) and I'm sure my Nana was Georgina. unsure of her maiden name though.

 I know they lived/owned the caravan park in Cobholm in 1953, I'm fairly certain my grandad had 2-3 jewellers around Great Yarmouth, I believe one was on the seafront. I know my uncle Philip had one on King St, but not sure if my grandad had that before him.

 I know they used to live at the big old farm house at Billiockby around 1960-1962ish and also The Roundhouse in Fritton woods around 1958-60ish. Those dates could be wrong but vague stories my dad has talked about and mentioned ages go with those dates.

 If anyone knows anything about my grandparents or even my Dad (Michael Faraday-Drake), uncles (Peter and Philip Faraday-Drake) and aunty (Sally Faraday-Drake, (Johnson after marriage)) or even my step uncle Roy Drake (he never used Faraday) then I'd be extremely grateful and interested.

 Thanks in advance 

Kyle Faraday-Drake

This page was added by Colin Stott on 14/05/2021.
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Hi Kyle

I recently saw your request for information - Charles was my grandfather too (I am one of Roy's 8 children).  I may hve some information for you - if  you can let me know you are still interested.

By Catherine Ridgway
On 14/01/2024

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