Starlings of Great Yarmouth

By Isabel Jones

My Grandmother, Maude Elizabeth Starling was born in Row 16, Great Yarmouth in about 1884. Her parents were Robert and Emma. Her father was a fisherman and made frequent trips to the Continent. She joined the Salvation Army as a young woman where she met my Grandfather Robert William Clarke. He came to Natal, South Africa in the early 1900's and she followed a couple of yearss later. They were then married and lived to a great age. I wish I remembered more of the stories she told us as children. I believe there are still descendants of hers in Great Yarmouth.

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When we were about 6 or 7 a Peter Starling, whose family had a drapery shop in King Street - I lived in Deneside. Is this the same Starling family? One day Peter and I 'absconded' on his trycycle and with me perched on the axle rode all the way to Newtown Bus Garage and back. My mother was so angry not knowing where I was, but can you imagine children out on their own like this today?

By Edward Sheldrick
On 05/09/2011

Amazing how time and age plays tricks on the ol' brain!  Regarding my previous posting on 05/09/2011, fellow traveller was not Peter Starling but Peter Skipping, whose family had the drapery store in King Street.

By Edward Sheldrick
On 02/04/2012

Robert and Emma Starling were my great grandparents. If these are the same as above then Maude was my great aunt. My grandfather died 99 years ago this October during battle of 3rd Ypres. I have just returned to Ypres where we met the civic authorities to see if a suitable event could take place in Belgium autumn next year.  My late parents left Gt Yarmouth after WW2 to live near Norwich. My brother still lives near there but I live about 40 miles away in Suffolk.

By John Starling
On 12/06/2016

Hello John,  I have just seen your 2016 post.  Could you please tell me who your parents were.  Grandfather Robert William Clarke was from Weybread Suffolk.  Greetings from Isabel Jones in South Africa.


By Isabel Jones
On 01/05/2017

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