Nutman family, founders of the Tower curing works

Photo:John Runiff Nutman Sr 1848-1929

John Runiff Nutman Sr 1848-1929

Heather Nutman Shaw

Photo:Catherine McLean Nutman 1879-1965. Wife of John Runniff Nutman Jr

Catherine McLean Nutman 1879-1965. Wife of John Runniff Nutman Jr

Heather Nutman Shaw

Photo:Catherine McLean's Parents

Catherine McLean's Parents

c/o Heather Nutman Shaw

Photo:Catherine and her children, James, Mary & Margaret (twins) & Sheila

Catherine and her children, James, Mary & Margaret (twins) & Sheila

c/o Heather Nutman Shaw

Photo:4 of 5 children (Duncan McLean Nutman, May & Margaret (twins) & James Nutman

4 of 5 children (Duncan McLean Nutman, May & Margaret (twins) & James Nutman

Heather Nutman Shaw

Photo:William James Nutman, brother of JNRsr

William James Nutman, brother of JNRsr

By Sarah Woods

Thes photo's were donated by Molly Yow (nee Nutman) from California USA after seeing the website.

This page was added by Sarah Woods on 15/08/2008.
Comments about this page

Wow this is fantastic! My mother was a Nutman and its great to see photo's of my ancestors. I am local and have never been to the Time and Tide Museum but I will be going now!!

By Debra Thomas nee Mcgeachen
On 22/11/2008

(The pictures were amazing). I am a Nutman myself. Now I have see some history about the Nutman family.

By michelle nutman
On 19/12/2008

As Christmas is once again upon us, my two sisters & I growing up, always walked to my grand parents ( John & Kathren Nutman's ) house. I remember the large, long table we all sat around for dinner. Aunts, uncles, & cousins. We pulled Crackers & all put on those silly paper hats. Grand father always carved the turkey!

By Molly Nutman Yow
On 21/01/2009

Hello Molly,

I dont know if you remember me but I was a good friend of your sister Heather Nutman. As a sideline the table that you admired so much was finally ruined by grandchildren.  Heather used to say her mother would turn over in her grave as she remembers her mother polishing it every day. I did not know you moved from Australia and now live in California. I live in Utah U.S.A. by Tony Barron 21/01/09

By Tony Barron
On 23/01/2009

Hello Tony. I remember you, & Patsy very well. Patsy was quite an artist. Did your family move to Utah also?
I moved to California after serving a health mission in Hong Kong 30yrs ago. I live in Sacramento the state capitol. I love the warm climate! I wish any one who remembers me. A Happy New Year. Cheers Molly Yow.

By Molly Nutman Yow
On 09/02/2009

Hello Molly and Tony,

As one of those "grandchildren" I also remember the fine Dining Table, which if memory serves me correctly, we children spent most of the Christmas Dinner time - underneath, playing with our stocking presents. Can't recall any damage to the table by Children but I guess things do get spilt. I can tell you that the table moved to Caister on Sea, when my Grandparents left Gt Yarmouth and the centre Mahogony leafs were left in the Garage from where they mysteriously went missing! The garage doors were invariably left open.

Not included in the photo of the Children of John and Katherine is their Daughter Shiela. Sadly all now gone with the exception of my Mother, Margaret who is 91.

I was suprised to see the photo's as I have become custodian of the originals after my Aunt Mary's death in 2006.

I asked my Mum could she recall a Tony Barron and she said the Barrons were a Yarmouth family in the entertainment business. Is this correct?

Stuart R (Runniff) Hayes

By Stuart Hayes
On 09/02/2009

Just for the record. The young man standing behind his twin sisters in the photo. Is Duncan Maclean ------ My Father.
Molly Nutman Yow. Sacramento, California, U.S.A.

By Molly Yow.
On 09/02/2009

Hello Stuart.---- You are my first cousin. It was wonderful to see your message. I lost track of the family years ago. I knew your father John, also your brothers, Michael & Duncan. I was at the wedding of Shiela & Roy, though I was only a child at the time. Tony, the table you refer to, was at my mothers house, & not the mahogony one, which was at my grandparents house, & was a lot bigger. Yes, Stuart, Tony's family was in the entertainment business. Tell your mum I remember her well. I always had trouble telling your mum & aunt Mary apart. Stuart --- do you live in Yarmouth? I will be visiting England for 3 wks in March, & I will visit the old fish house. My sister Heather gave me the family photos. There are more --- years ago she did a lot of geneology & had them copied for me. Heather is no longer with us. My elder sister Jean kept in touch with Mary, & wondered why she lost contact. I phoned Jean & told her the reason why. Jean lives in Spain. The climate suits her better! Best Wishes to you & my aunt Margaret. Molly.

By Molly Nutman Yow
On 23/02/2009

Hello Molly and Stuart thanks for the comments nice to hear from you Molly I served a mission at the London Temple and moved to Utah with Patricia who is suffering from Alhziemers I still have many of her paintings and good memories. Yes Stuart I am one of the Barron family from the sea front Arcade under different titles Paradium the Exhibition and Funland with the name in lights outside the front sadly closed down.

By Tony Barron
On 23/02/2009

Hello Molly,
My parents moved to Chelmsford when I was seven. I currently live by the Seaside,but at an address once known as 1 Pier Crescent, Walton-on-the-Naze, Essex, and so perhaps that sea view at Marine Crescent had an affect on me. Funny thing, that when I was at my Caravan in the South of France I was introduced by my managing agent (who used to work for Haven, Caister) to the Grandson of the Builder of The Crescent, who would you believe owns Grandpa's house now! Should you be in Yarmouth in March and want to take a peek then I am sure that he and his wife will not object to your calling on them and saying hello. The invitation was extended to me some two years ago but I have not yet managed the trip. There are some external changes but the cut glass door handles and mirror plates remain, I am told.
If you want to write to me direct, my email is

By Stuart Runniff Hayes
On 02/03/2009

Molly, I see you will be in Great Yarmouth in March, wish I'd known. I do not know where you will be staying ? I would loved to meet up, bit late now have a wonderful time you will see lots of changes but its still our Great Yarmouth love you Colin Browne

By colinbrowne
On 30/03/2009

How lovely to read about the NUTMANS. My interest was in the girls, Jean, Mollie and Heather. They all roller skated at the Gt. Yarmouth winter garden and outdoor rinks. A lovely family, it was a pleasure to help them with roller skating and left me with happy memories of them. Each of the three were small and dainty. How sad that Jean is no longer with them. Coming from a large family I share thoughts of them with the family get togethers and the large table with crackers and food. Very best wishes to all from Jocelyn Taylor (still teaching skating) U.K.

By Jocelyn Taylor
On 17/02/2011

Dear Jocelyn. Thank you so much for your kind words. What a pity we didn't have video cameras in our skating days. I loved to watch you skate, especially in the shows, you where the complete showman, with or without your partner. Your jumps & spins were magnifficent to say the least, & the music just made it all the better. I continued to skate in Australia where I lived for 10yrs, & also in the US. I have been a widow for 12yrs now, & I'm 75yrs young. I have no children. Believe me I am very active & don't act my age. Still the same Tomboy!!! I can get the UK news papers on my computer, & have just read the article in the Daily Express. All the best & many more years of skating. Love Molly.

By Molly Nutman Yow
On 06/07/2011

Does anybody out there have any information re my grandmother Elizabeth Ellen Nutman who was married to George Lovewell Blake? She would have been born about 1860/1870 and died in the late 1940's.  Malcolm George Lovewell Blake

By Malcolm Lovewell Blake
On 19/03/2012

Hey I am related to the Barrons family.  I found this page by Google searching the name.  My great grandmother's name was Lilian Barron.  I think she was the only girl amongst her 7 (possibly 6) brothers who all lived in Great Yarmouth, I think. I would love to find out more about the family.  If anyone out there has any photos or info please do get in touch. Sam

By Sam
On 17/07/2012

My Mother Cynthia was a Barron, Daughter of Rosy Claudia Barron (Father - Claude Barron). I am trying to find out any information on the Barrons, especially our Jewish Heritage. Can anyone help please? Our branch of the family is in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, UK. Thank you!

By Stephanie Vincent
On 24/05/2013

Hi Molly / Tony I'm Duncan Mac.Lean Hayes, youngest son of Margaret Nutman. I have to say that like Stuart I certainly don't remember causing any damage to that wonderful large dining table, and although I probably spent more time under it than around it there were remedies in those days for destructive children and I don't remember suffering any such repercussions either ! I remember the table more at Caister, where it nearly filled the entire room and of course being small it would seem large to me. I can particularly remember sitting round it enjoying Christmas dinners. My wife and I will be nearby you in the US in late September but only for three nights (2 at Monument Valley and 1 in Zion Park). We have a very tight schedule unfortunately as are travelling around, but if either or both of you would like to meet up it would be great to meet a cousin and family friend living so far away. If you can give me e-mail addresses I will send you my contact details.

By Duncan Hayes
On 11/09/2013

Would be interested to know more about Duncan Nutman, dob etc. as I believe he was friendly with my fathers family (Reynolds)

By Janet Reynolds
On 11/09/2013

It was interesting to read about the Nutmans as I am a Nutman. My father's name was George Nutman. My grandmother was Florence Maud Mary Nutman and I believe she came from Great Yarmouth. I have been trying to trace my family history. I would be grateful for any information. My grandfather was George Nutman

By Barbara Stevens
On 07/10/2013

Hello Stephanie, I worked alongside your grandfather Claude in the Paradium Amusements for many years and referered to him as uncle, he being my grandfather's brother Harold Barron. I have the family history which might be of great interest to you please contact. Lorenzo

By Lorenzo [Tony] Barron
On 20/01/2014

In reply to Janet Reynolds question 11/9/2013, Duncan Maclean Nutman was born 9/1/1910 and died 1/2/1973. He lived in a flat in Gt Yarmouth having a long time friendship to a lady called Maisie, as I recall.

I would add that Duncan Nutman married Barbara Knowles in 1933 and they had three Daughters Jean, Molly and Heather. Not sure if in that order. Babs (as she was fondly known) sadly passed away I believe in the early Sixties(?) and so Duncan was a Widower for a number of years. He moved to either Stevenage or Hatfield in the late 60's (?)for work, before returning to Gt Yarmouth.

By Stuart Runniff Hayes
On 22/04/2014

My grandmother was Gladys Knox nutman , I have a photograph of all the people in the above photos , taken at the golden wedding party of the grandparents, the children all sitting together in the frount include  mother Pauline and aunt patricia and Twins must be Margaret and Mary and boys ! And at least 3 generations of Nutmans !! The photo hangs on my wall and I look at it every day ! Given to me by Gwen Nutman wife of Basil .I know little about the family , And would love to know more.- 

By Suzanne Patricia Hodge.
On 30/03/2016

Barbara Stephens, I have Florence Maud Mary Nutman in my family tree. 

By Debra Thomas
On 30/08/2019


just been reading the comments, reference John Nutman and the house he lived in, and your visits, and I would say if that was 3 Marine Crescent, in Great Yarmouth, this is where I live and have done for over 30 years. By the way the house was built by my Grandfather, P.C.Wiseman in 1933. Hope this is of some interest.

John Wiseman


By John Wiseman
On 20/12/2020

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