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Priory School History

By Sue Salter


I am researching the history of the old St Nicholas Priory School and looking to contact past pupils to relate their memories/stories of the school. The Priory will be open on the 10th September 2015 from 12.00pm - 4.00pm and we welcome anyone who attended the school to visit and tell their stories.


This page was added by Sue Salter on 14/08/2015.
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Dear Sue, I went to the Priory Boys in 1940 -50, it was then a new part the older building was still in use ie the hall ,upper part as the dinning hall  sorry to say but the boys were seperated from the girls side some teachers were Mr Kite, Mr Hall, Ernie Thompson , head teacher Mr Sillas under head a Mr Holsworth  all out of retirement as the war had all the young teachers so old men old ideas and old ways only thing about school was the many friends I made.

By colin browne
On 30/03/2016

Ref to the name of S. Salter. I knew of a girl same surname lived on Manby Road. Also a same surname a family who lived on North Market Road. Any connection to you ?

By colin browne
On 29/04/2016

Hi Colin, No, not me. I only moved to Norfolk 11 years ago, although I know there are Salters in Great Yarmouth. Don't know if there is any connection though.

Hope to see you at the School Reunion at the Priory Centre on the 5th July. Exhibition of old school photos from 10.00am to 3.00pm.



By Sue Salter
On 01/07/2016

Dear Sue, many thanks for information on surname as I live at St Neots. About three years ago, with the aid of Colin Stott and Time and Tide staff we managed to have a old Priory boys reunion at the museum. It went very well for the three years but due to low numbers ?(I was told ) people at the Yarmouth end decided to wind it up. However I hope your reunion went well. Please keep in touch.

By colin browne
On 27/07/2016

Hello Colin,

We are having a Blue Plaque installed at the Priory on Saturday 8th September as part of Heritage Open Days. You're very welcome to come along. I'm also trying to find out who the last headmaster or headmistress was as it would if he/she could unveil the plaque. Do you have any information on this?

Sue Salter


By Sue Salter
On 23/11/2018

Hi, I have just started researching the history of my house, and in 1901 census we had a certified school mistress name Harriet Hughes who was 55 at the time. She passed away on 01/05/1909 according to a newspaper section I have found on the internet.

We actually had 2 school mistress that lived here. Other surname name Caston. Does anyone know where I could try and find pictures or  more information? It was the Priory I think. I will be heading to the library.

Thank you. 

By Donna
On 13/12/2018

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