Car Brochures

A selection of old car brochures

By Lauren Mccurdy

Cars have become and important part of family life. Models have changed greatly over the years as you can see from the car brochures below.

What was your first car?

How has driving changed over the years?

Were these old cars better than modern vehicles?

To answer these questions or share your memories click on the comment button below.

Photo:Brochure advertising the Vauxhall Cresta

Brochure advertising the Vauxhall Cresta

Photo:Brochure advertising the Wolseley Hornet

Brochure advertising the Wolseley Hornet

Photo:Brochure advertising the Ford Transit

Brochure advertising the Ford Transit

Photo:Brochure advertising the Rover 3 - Litre

Brochure advertising the Rover 3 - Litre

This page was added by Lauren McCurdy on 11/05/2007.
Comments about this page

I drive a 1983 Ford Cortina Crusader estate... and I consider it a new car!! In the past I've had an HC Viva, Mk1 Cavalier, Allegro, two Avengers, a mk1 and 2 escort and an FSO 125p.. not to mention several Ladas...and not one of them less than 10 years old when I got hold of them... oh yes.. I also had a brand new BMW 528i.. worst thing I ever bought... give me something a bit different every day.. (I admit.. back in 1980 I wouldn't have had a Cortina.. too new and samey!!!)

By kirk
On 13/02/2008

I have a vauxhall cresta 3.3L deluxe custom 1971,(looks like the red one in the picture at the begining of this post) I also have a modern vauxhal astra,
I love to drive them both, sure they are different to drive but they both have their own characters.

By s baldwin
On 06/10/2008

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