The Winds of Change - changing from sail to steam

Photo:Sailing Drifters, early 1900's

Sailing Drifters, early 1900's

Great Yarmouth Museums

Photo:Steam Drifter, 1950's

Steam Drifter, 1950's

Great Yarmouth Museums

Photographs showing sailing and steam drifters

By John Layton

Photograph 1: Sailing Drifters are seen here heading for port with holds full of herring.  Probably early 20th Century.

This was quite a spectacle, as can be seen here, with people standing at the harbour's mouth to watch the boats enter the harbour.

Inevitably the older Sailing Drifters gave way to more up-to-date Steam Drifters (photograph 2).

Yet this was not a smooth transition, as many of the older skippers refused to change.  It was the newer generations that gradually introduced the new technology to the industry.

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