More Memories of Great Yarmouth

Memories left by people visiting Great Yarmouth market on 25th Sept 2007

By Laura Matthews

"I remember being brought to Great Yarmouth in the autumn of 1958 (or was it 1959?) for a school outing from Avenue Road Junior School in Norwich. We had to collect information for our school project on the Herring Industry, but most of all we all collected a bag of herring to take home to mum."

"I worked at Grouts Silk Factory, now Sainsburys, we did silk weaving, we were very happy in our work."

"Woolie's and Electric house, shows by Op's & Drams at Wellington Pier.
Rissoles and chips at Hills Restaurant by Burtons.
Phyllis Adams School of Dance.
Juvenile Ball at Goode's Hotel.
My first job at the Co-operative Society, ration books were still needed for dried milk.
Floral hall for Tuesday nights dancing.
Billy Bales at the speedway track.
The old General hospital.
Auctions on the Fish wharf and lots of fish."

"I remember the live cows coming though the market to be killed at the abattoir."

"Open air swimming pool and galas, Neville Bishop on at The Marina and bathing beauty competitions. I remember going up Southtown Road on J & H Bunn's horse and cart delivering animal foods, my day being Mr Tooley one of the bosses. Also being evacuated in 1939 to Wymondham, barrage balloons, barbed wire all along the front and mines on the beach. Coal being delivered along the Quay by train."

"I was told by the daughter of a Bed and Breakfast owner that they used to cover the bedroom walls with brown paper, so that the smell of the Fisher girls wouldn't soak into the wall paper underneath. At the end of the season they would take it down."

"When my husband and I were first married in 1957 we brought a freezer, and so we could afford to fill it, we used to put aside so much a week in a little pot which we kept in the freezer, we called it our frozen assets."

"When I was little I used to come to Great Yarmouth from the farm in East Somerton with my mum. We did some shopping, but the best bit was steak & kidney pudding, chips, peas and gravy in Nichols Restaurant on the Market Place."

This page was added by Laura Matthews on 04/12/2007.
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I used to work at Nichols resturant. I started there when I was 15 and used to go table clearing on Saturday's and when I was on school holiday's. I do recall great times there and also some of the characters that used to come for lunch or tea. As Laura stated the steak and kidney pies you could die for, but it was mainly a fish and chip resturant. The owner was a Percy Nichols who also owned the chip stall on the market, he also had cabin cruisers and caravan's that he used to rent out. Back in the resturant the main fryer in there used to be chap called Charlie Sherwood who also used to live near me in the Barrak's. He taught me all about fish and chip frying ( yes it is an art ). I spent five happy year's there winter and summer working full time when I left school. HAPPY DAY'S.

By Ron Lovick of Gorleston
On 07/12/2007

About this Nichols resturant. Would this be the same Nichols family (Christine) who sell fresh seafood on market at present. I was there ,22nd to 29th june 2008. Best seafood I ever have had.

By allen jones
On 18/07/2008

Hi I know it's a long time but only just found this thread! Percy Nichols was my grandad and his son Ivan Nichols is my dad. It's great to hear that people have good memory's of my grandads shop and that his family is still in the fish and chip business. Thanks for posting you've brought all my memories flooding back ;-D xx

By lisa nichols
On 21/01/2011

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